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Artectis was founded by highly skilled engineers after working in the managed services and cloud hosting industries for several years. They noticed that the companies that they worked for and other companies in the industry lacked the ability to both manage IT infrastructure well and help the people and organizations that they serve to do what they do best. That is what we do best: getting your computers, servers, VoIP services, routers, and switches working harmoniously, explaining what is going on in your infrastructure, and helping your organization, whether it is 3 users or 30,000, move forward with your mission efficiently and effectively.
In the words of the eternal Tim Gunn: "Make it work!" That's exactly what we do, we make IT work for your your company or organization.  We can find or develop a customized solution for your business problem.
  • Address: 21 E Second St., Floor 1, Manchester, OH 45144
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (513) 549-0084